Nottinghams International Microfilm Festival 

Making its return to Nottingham for the fourth time is the Microfilm festival, also known
as NIM. Held at the Nottingham Contemporary and starting from the 8th March the ‘NIM’ festival has attracted award-winning Directors and Microfilm makers. The festival has been designed to encourage engagement wit the Chinese film sector of Microfilms – a quick low budget process of filmmaking that becomes a platform linking the filmmaker, its audience and businesses together.


This afternoon and across the next few days, will involve  pre-screening talks, a masterclass with industry professionals and the awards ceremony.


But most importantly its a chance for local filmmakers to network and show their on screen talent.

With the intention to raise the profile of microfilms, the opening ceremony discussed the importance of innovation in finding success. Speakers are using their media experience to    inspire filmmakers, using Nottingham as a base for this exciting new short narrative format.




Tips for Freshers!

How to have a nutritious lifestyle as a fresher and all year round

Speaking from experience, it is so easy to become lost in the world of adult responsibility. There’s a lot of basic life skills expected from you when you first move to university, you’ve got to learn to look after yourself in a new city that’s not quite your home yet. One of the most intimidating requirements of a student is cooking for yourself

Realistically as a student you are already swamped in hundreds of books you have to read, so the idea of a cook book is not ideal, especially when you want something quick and simple to cure that hangover!


So I would suggest you to, spend within your means.

This is something mums love to preach to you. Hopefully you’ve sorted out your finances and you should know how much extra money you have to budget on your food and your social life, sometimes those 2 jager bombs for £5 may have to be swapped for pieces of chicken breast! As soon as you become comfortable with your new city, learn the way the shops work, often you can find reduced items in the late afternoons/evenings som
etimes there’s a whole isle which will save you so much.

Make the most of what university has to offer

At my university we have a food coop, ran by volunteers which allows us students to buy local and seasonal fruit and veg. University fresher’s fair may also provide you with food vouchers or discount codes
for supermarket stores, so keep a look out for them!

Cooking as a house

As all the university’s differ in allocating halls of residence, I know that some people aren’t fortunate enough to get into halls and are therefore living in a house during first year. Once you have established relationships with all your housemates, it may be more beneficial to each of you to all shop together and all cook together. Making a big meal between 4 or 5 makes it a lot cheaper and cooking with your new friends is a lot more fun than doing it alone. img_4941

Meal Prepping

Similar to the cooking share idea, meal prepping always helps make things easier. When you cook a lot of food and then sought it into boxes for the week or for the next few days it really does make your money stretch a little further but would always mean you’ve got food in the fridge. You’d be surprised how long, if stored correctly, spaghetti bolognaise can last!


Its always important to help and share with each other as a house and you’ll  learn something completely new!