Record Breaking-ly Cold 


Spring lambs, Spring chicken but NOT Spring weather. As we enter day 4 in the vice of the Beast from the East. Over the next 24 hours we can expect more snow and more bitterly cold winds, unpredictably blowing the already fallen slow across the country. The worst, hitting the north and south-west, with an Amber Warning issued in these areas.





The Beast from the East cont…


With thanks to the intense blizzards and increased windchill for those in the North-east of England and parts of Scotland, there will be severe disruption and a Red warning for central Scotland has been issued.

The drop in temperatures means the existing snow will turn to slush, causing travel disruptions on the dangerously slippy roads.  28767886_10213993394887275_753292357_o

With high pressure cold winds hitting the East of the country combined the low pressure from the Western side of Europe will provide for more snow, blizzards and icy surfaces.

The Red Warning remains in Scotland as it prepares for persistent snow and blizzards with temperatures reaching -11 in Aberdeen and -8 in Edinburgh.

Thursday morning, you can expect wide spread temperatures of below freezing. Making the fluffy snow, slushy and icy once more.

With a thicker concentration of cloud cover, more snow is to cover the Midlands and Southern parts of the country.



The Beast From the East


The Beast From the East has arrived blowing its cold air and snow from East to West. Snow is expected to fall for the Northern and Easterly counties, for some of us there will be sunny spells, but it wont be enough to lift those temperatures. Over night and Wednesday morning, we will see the temperatures fall to -12.



Another Snow Day? ‘ice One.

(MONDAY 26th FEB 2018)

The cold weather continues this week, seeing temperatures of below freezing in the day across parts of the UK. With the wet weather blowing in from the East, the temperatures at night are set to fall even lower. 28643313_10213993397687345_1211417971_o.jpg


With the bitter wind chill and dry air (drier than usual) the snow will be fluffy rather than slushy meaning there will be little, if any, frost and ice.


Blizzard like conditions across the country – In the early hours of Tuesday morning (5AM) parts of the country such as Birmingham can expect temperatures of around -5 and down to -7 in Norwich.











(FRIDAY 23rd FEB) 28641056_10213993399687395_2085869706_o

The anticipation of the coldest air derived from the ‘Beast From the East’ is set to make March 2018 one of the coldest on record, seeing temperatures lower than our average midwinter in the UK.

The easterly airstream is drawing in the cold air from Siberia affecting the UK particularly Southern parts with temperatures plummeting to -1 in places like Portsmouth and the West-Midlands.

You can expect hard frosts over night, deep bitter wind chill and at the beginning of the new week, snow.